What is MKC Photography and who stands behind it...

Hello, my name is Malgorzata (family and friends call me Gosia). The name MKC stands for name initials of myself and my two children: Malgorzata, Kornelia, Colin :) The name was created before my third child - Jack was born.

What makes my photography special?

I believe... I believe in magic and I believe there is more than eye can see. I believe, that there is more than the words can say, more than a first impression. I believe in embracing life, not only for what it is, but for what it can be... I believe in me and I believe in you.

Few more words about me.

I come from Poland, but I live permanently in Glasgow for over a decade now and counting. In 2016 I graduated Glasgow Caledonian University with Psychology degree. I am a mother of a beautiful, teenage girl and and two little boys and I love to cook in my spare time :) My passion to photography I believe has been passed on me in my genes ;), as following my father's 'legacy' (it sounds fancier, than obsession) I have been developing it for years. My passion became my job and you know what they say..."Choose the job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." I am constantly inspired on a daily basis. Trying to bring to life lots of ideas. I loved graphic designs since I was 12 years old, therefore connecting both of my passions is something very natural for me. I am bringing effects of this relationship in many conceptual projects.

Due to the fact that I am a mother I tend to focus on children photography in majority of projects. However I do photograph adults as well. I am presenting you with my portfolio and I invite you to follow me on social medias, as there is so much more to see :)

I would love to hear from you, so don't be a stranger, say 'hello' and I hope to meet in you in person on our next photoshoot. :)